Sea Glass

Sea Glass is the name given to glass that has been weathered by the tides on salt water beaches. This natural frosted look takes between 20 to 50 years to develop. True sea glass started its life as broken pieces of glass left in the ocean. This can come from shipwrecks, broken bottles, broken tableware, or any source of glass that is shattered and left to the mercy of the tides.  Over years the glasses slick surface and sharp edges are worn away, and you are left with the beautiful frosted look that makes sea glass so attractive.

The color of the sea glass can be used to determine its original source. Most sea glass comes from bottles, but anything made of glass will work.  The most common colors are Green, Brown, and White. These colors often started life as juice, soft drink, or beer bottles. Less common are Jade, amber, lime green, and blue. These colors come from older soda bottles, spirit bottles, fruit jars, and other sources.  

Rarer colors do exist such as certain shades of green, purple, opaque white, aqua, pink, gray, and most rare of all Antique black. Antique black sea glass comes from very old glass that had iron slag added during production to increase strength. These older bottles were often broken in shipment while in transit to the new world, and the shards thrown overboard.  As glass-making techniques improved this type of glass fell out of use. Now hundreds of years after their creation this type of glass produces some of the most beautiful sea glass works of art. As it takes decades to create sea glass, we have only limited control of the colors available and their sizes.

If you are looking for a particular color in a piece please let me us know. Since all of our work is handcrafted we are able to accommodate many of our customers personal requests.